SAT Math Diagnostic Test

General Instructions
This adaptive diagnostic test consists of two modules and have two types of questions: single choice and response. Response questions require positive integers or fractions in the box. Decimals are not recognized. You can skip any question and come back later before the time is up. After you complete each of the two modules, make sure to submit so that all your answers are assessed. 

Adaptive questions
The first module has 22 questions, the same number of questions as a real SAT test. Once this part is submitted, the second module questions will show as Adaptive Questions. The number of questions and amount of time vary depending on how well you did in the first module. 

For the 22 questions in module 1, you have 35 minutes to complete. The time allowed to complete Module 2 depends on the number of questions you have. 

For all math questions, calculator is allowed throughout the test.

Scoring and Report
After submitting both modules, you will be asked to sign up so that your score report and analysis will be sent to your E-mail immediately.